Today I begin a new life

A quote from “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.   ………………. by Og Mandinp

Today I begin a new life.

And I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth. I will lose not a day from these readings for that day cannot be retrieved nor can I substitute another for it. I must not, I will not, break this habit of daily reading from these scrolls and, in truth, the few moments spent each day on this new habit are but a small price to pay for the happiness and success that will be mine.

What’s amazing in reading this is: Everyday you read it is New to use to the Best of our ability. So we Must Forgive ourselves each night and keep moving forward with DYNAMIC ENERGY.

I heard this song and I love this Video with

Michael Buble……..Feeling Good  Enjoy. Even has the words to Sing along. Hey, no ones watching. I did.

Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

You may need to copy and paste the link. Have a New Wonderful Day & Life.

About strongleadermk

I'm a Self Taught Wellness Solutions Coach. I'm happily married now 38 years to my Best Friend Glenn. Together we raised one son now married to his beautiful Best Friend and we're Nana & Papa to 2 beautiful granddaughters. We have extended family we love as well. As a Net-worker I believe in Sharing the Benefits of things I use each day to enhance our life. I'll only share these things.
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13 Responses to Today I begin a new life

  1. Ilene Lockhart says:

    Thanks for this Darlene…very uplifting…good way to start the day.

  2. Each day we do start anew, with positive thoughts to create a positive outcome.

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  4. mark j says:


    the addition of a video is wonderful!

    your style is great

    keep going, keep growing

    mark j

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!! I love Michael Buble’s music…..thanks for sharing Dale….it’s absolutely perfect for this week.

  6. Mark great song. I noticed a change of character in my life and business this week.
    By changing the mind within my life without has started to show signs of change. I pledge to keep up with the Master key System And grow in mind in body, to be in with all creatures .
    Henry V.

  7. Deborah says:

    LOVE IT !!!… Thanks for sharing

  8. Dan Myers says:

    Hi Darlene!
    Wow…Wow…WOW!!! You outdid yourself with this, it’s Great!
    You Pal,
    PS you gotta show me how to do that! (If it’s Ok with you! Most people…LOL!)

  9. that was a great video, thanks for posting it!!!

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