Yesterday as I was talking to a very good friend whom I’ve master minded with for some time the comment CAME OUT OF ME……..”I GAVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE WELL.” Even now I’m amazed that this is a New DAY & A NEW LIFE for ME.

I have notes from 2006 when I was learning a new Stress Release Program. The Questions was : “Was I Able, Willing & Worthy to be Healed and Reach Optimal Health? At that time my inner program said NO. We worked on it and I was open to the Healing Process. I’ve been going through this process of Healing for 20 years. More so in the past year then all the others put together.

However, I NEVER gave myself Permission to BE WELL until yesterday. This THOUGHT is still Causing a Shifting in my Mind, Body & Spirit.


I’ve worked to Release, Delete & Purge the Old Negative Programs for over 3 years. ( To see how just click the link or copy & paste and listen to Step 1 then 2. No sale here. Only Free Wellness Techniques.) Before you do, GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to: What ever it is you’re looking for in line with the MKMMA as it will enhance all it touches.


I’ve just spent 2 weeks going over 2009 & 2010 paperwork & my Journal. With what I’m learning on this Course along with what I’ve done so far I can see ACCOMPLISHING MORE IN THE LAST QUARTER OF THE YEAR the all of 09, and so far in 10.

I’d love to hear t=your thoughts regarding GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION.

Agape’ Darlene


About strongleadermk

I'm a Self Taught Wellness Solutions Coach. I'm happily married now 38 years to my Best Friend Glenn. Together we raised one son now married to his beautiful Best Friend and we're Nana & Papa to 2 beautiful granddaughters. We have extended family we love as well. As a Net-worker I believe in Sharing the Benefits of things I use each day to enhance our life. I'll only share these things.
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  1. brianredding says:

    Hi Darlene,

    I just finished listening to your first video which is an introduction of explaining to people what they must do to start changing their lives and becoming financially independent. Your husband who is 62 and a logger might want to start on your program (lol). You did a wonderful job with this video and presentation and I can see that you are very passionate with what you do and your beliefs. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Brian,
      I am very passionate about helping people see how they can take control.

      My PPN’s are Recognition for Creative Expression & True Health.
      My DMP is a lot about Being a True Health & Wellness Coach.

      I have been using it with my hubby. Just a little slower for him then me.
      He’s always been very active & healthy.
      Still the body can only take so much of the work he enjoys so much.

      It’s quit a mind shift from his work to helping me build the Gano biz
      he got me into but we’re working on it.
      He just told me tonight how he see’s a big difference in how
      I’m dealing with the past taxes and paper work.
      He said he even feels better now.

      I have a new post for the Finish Tomorrow.
      I’d better get back to it, but almost done.

      Thanks again. I look forward to reading the progress of others on this 6 month Journey.
      Agape’ Darlene

  2. Hi Darlene,
    Your blog reminds me of a similar experience I’ve had with a Bible study this year…..I always felt if I was praying for someone to heal, I had to add the words, “if it’s your (God’s) will……after reading Mark 11:24, “…What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, BELIEVE that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Jesus also said, “…all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, ye shall receive” (Matt. 21:22) In other words, Jesus didn’t say whatever you ask for in prayer, hoping, you shall receive. He said,” ………BELIEVING ye shall receive” I found this very empowering and am learning it’s OK to ask and to believe what I am asking for will be answered. I will keep you in my prayers and BELIEVE you will be well! Lisa

    • Hello Lisa,
      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I too am a Believer in Prayer and I’m improving in my Beliefs
      & understanding of Gods will as I continue taking in accurate knowledge.
      Just had some inner limiting beliefs regarding myself.

      Life is an amazing Journey and I chose to Enjoy it.
      I’m following your blog as well.
      Agape’ Darlene

  3. Melissa Jiggetts says:

    Hello Darlene,

    Your blog is wonderful and very encouraging. The information you share is good for the soul which is the first thing we have to work on. The confidence you give is so important and needed and I appreciate you for all your help. The wellness you spread will go deeper than any medicine and I am blessed to have you around.

    Thanks for this blog and everything,

  4. Brad Pollina says:

    Staying strong is VERY IMPORTANT! Thanks for sharing! I’ve added you to my blogroll at http://bpollina.wordpress.com . Feel free to add me as well.

  5. mkdanmyerssr says:

    Hey Buddy!
    You Deserve IT! Be Happy, Wealthy, and WELL my friend!

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