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Week # 9 I added Flash Cards

Master Key week 9 says “Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort.” So is “True Health & Wellness” with COURAGE, POWER, SELF-RELIANCE & CONFIDENCE. #1 “The three things which all mankind desires … Continue reading

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Week #8 From the End to the Beginning

We were given the assignment to” Sit quietly and visualize a Battleship and trace it back to where it began. Follow the whole process even to the plans of the people who created it. What an amazing Journey. Very enlightening. … Continue reading

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Week #8 “I Greet this Day with LOVE in MY HEART.

I just had to share this song along with the words from the movie Rigoletto. It’s a very inspiring movie in itself but for now the song with words will be encouraging. In reading many of the posts here and … Continue reading

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Week 8 A Huge Break Through regarding Challenges

When I applied to be part of this MKMMA Course one of the questions was about Challenges. I wrote “My biggest challenge in my business is being consistent with follow up & remembering the steps needed as I continue on … Continue reading

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Week #7 “Visualization is the process of making mental Images,…

…and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.” #1 of Master Key #7. I found an example of molding   Have you ever heard, “They broke the mold … Continue reading

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Week # 6 Catching Up

LIBERTY¬†¬† TRUE HEALTH I finally found the color button. Amazing what we miss sometimes. Week 6 finds me working to catch up. I chose to buy the paper & cut out the shapes. I found a package of 4 compasses … Continue reading

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