Week # 6 Catching Up


I finally found the color button. Amazing what we miss sometimes.

Week 6 finds me working to catch up. I chose to buy the paper & cut out the shapes. I found a package of 4 compasses at the $1 store. I had so much fun just finding what I wanted. I also stopped by the Travel Agent to get a few books for pictures for our Dream board. Very close to having these done.

I had to really take some time to identify what I want on it this time. Yes, Ive made them before in a class with a time limit. I know this time I will look at each part with my Magnifying Glass.

I have No Doubt “I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE” so wanted to be sure the things I put on it were in line with Who I AM NOW along with Creating SYNERGY with Family.

When I started working on this project my hubby kinda gave me a bad time. Just build your business he says. Why do you need all of this. We’ll now he’s reading all my little posts. He also has the copy of “The Guy in the Glass” on his side of the dresser. I have to say, even tho I’m a little behind schedule My Gal in the Glass is still Happy with My Results. I will be back later with some pictures.

Not highlighting The Master Key Week 6 was a little challenging as that’s the first thing I do. However, I do follow directions. I’m now highlighting with YELLOW RED BLUE & Green.

While I was out finding what I wanted for my assignment I met 4 new possible product users or potential business partners.

I’m also back to Team calls 3 times a week. FEELS GREAT.

Enough for now. More to come.

Loving the Journey. Agape’ Darlene


About strongleadermk

I'm a Self Taught Wellness Solutions Coach. I'm happily married now 38 years to my Best Friend Glenn. Together we raised one son now married to his beautiful Best Friend and we're Nana & Papa to 2 beautiful granddaughters. We have extended family we love as well. As a Net-worker I believe in Sharing the Benefits of things I use each day to enhance our life. I'll only share these things.
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3 Responses to Week # 6 Catching Up

  1. Kathy Zimmer says:

    Hi Darlene,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. You’re pulling all the elements together in a simple, and straightforward way. Maybe I can make my ‘Gal in the Glass” look a little friendlier as get caught up as well.

    Take care,

    • Sorry I’m slow in responding to your comment Kathy. I’m still not caught up but
      still moving forward. I worked on the Gal in the Glass a few years ago. She wasn’t
      so friendly then.

      This is an amazing Journey. Thank you for keeping in touch. It is encouraging.
      Agape’ Darlene

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