Week 8 A Huge Break Through regarding Challenges

When I applied to be part of this MKMMA Course one of the questions was about Challenges.

I wrote “My biggest challenge in my business is being consistent with follow up & remembering the steps needed as I continue on My Personal Wellness Journey.” The number one challenge being health.

I’ve written and worked on Being a Strong, Healthy, Happy, Loving, Lovable, Forgiving, Forgiven, Balanced, Mature Adult Christian for over 4 years. I’m MILES ahead of where I started.

Working on this Team with the Scrolls & Master Keys has brought even more to the surface so I can Release, Delete & Purge the JUNK out of My Mind, Body & Spirit.

Working with computer Tech stuff, trying to put my thoughts on paper, finding pictures for my dream board has at time created confusion and fatigue for me. Sometimes I recognize the challenge and other times I don’t.

Scroll 2 …”I will greet this day with love in my heart” has seemed very easy because I do feel so much love for others. I love the sun, rain, light, darkness, happiness & I’ve endured sadness…..OPPS..”I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge. ” Tonight this statement brought tears and frustration. When I went to the Gal in the Glass…wow, she was unhappy.

What I’ve know from the past, and I’ve forgiven all evolved is, that I grew up in a very unhealthy environment. Physically, Emotionally & Financially. By Default I created Unhealthy Habits and I’ll say it myself, tonight I identified Health Challenges as an Addiction: one addicted to a habit. Parents, family, teachers, etc can’t teach what they do not know. I gave up most medication 20 years ago when my liver almost took my life. I’ve worked to create new healthy habits.

The Habit was still in the THINKING PROCESS. So I used my Stress Release Technique and Released, Deleted & Purged the Addiction to being sick. The Blame of Myself. The Excuses that may exist. Dealing with others who Think They Know…Telling you what you can or cannot do, will or will not be able to do, programs our subconscious and takes awhile to come clean. I was told I would never ride a bike. I didn’t accept it. Now I’m replacing other thoughts I must have accepted.

“I Can Be What I WILL To BE”. Strong, Healthy, Focused, Organized, Self Disciplined, Confident, Successful…


“I Can Be What I WILL To BE”..I Am Strong, Healthy

“I Can Be What I WILL To BE”… I Am Enjoying Liberty & Financial Freedom. “I Can BE What I WILL To BE”.. A TRUE HEALTH & Wellness Coach.

I had to share this before I could sleep. Tomorrow I’ll share thought from Master Key week 8 after I’m allowed to highlight.

Today I added my Dream Board in part. The tech stuff was holding me back. No more.I’m the Master of My Mind, Body & Spirit.

Thank you for letting me BE WHO I’VE WILLED TO BE.



About strongleadermk

I'm a Self Taught Wellness Solutions Coach. I'm happily married now 38 years to my Best Friend Glenn. Together we raised one son now married to his beautiful Best Friend and we're Nana & Papa to 2 beautiful granddaughters. We have extended family we love as well. As a Net-worker I believe in Sharing the Benefits of things I use each day to enhance our life. I'll only share these things.
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12 Responses to Week 8 A Huge Break Through regarding Challenges

  1. Awesome Darlene! Keep clearing and you will be everything you will to be!

    • Thank you Dale,
      I will keep clearing as I share with others as a True Health & Wellness Coach.
      I want to add video on my post like you do but wasn’t dressed for it last night.

      I do so enjoy your posts.
      Have a Wonderful Empowering Day.
      Agape’ Darlene

  2. You can do it Darlene! Don’t pay any attention to those naysayers in the world and in your head. You’re a wonderful inspiration to a lot of us. Stay strong!

    • Thanks Lisa,
      Its great to be able to share our thoughts and break through’s with people who get it.
      This Team is Amazing. The Support & Encouragement.
      After my Team calls today I can finish my Press Release.

      Have a Wonderful Day Lisa,
      Agape’ Darlene

  3. kesalem says:

    Wow….this was so similar to what I’ve been going through! It’s like you sabotage your own efforts. But we are moving in the right direction! We are moving toward our dreams! We can do this! Shedding our old skin!

    • Thank you Karen. Yes, we do sabotage ourselves in many ways we don’t recognize.
      Writing things down and really examining our true thoughts in Mind Opening.

      It so encouraging to read about each others progress.
      I’m following your journey as well Karen.
      Have a Wonderful day.

  4. Debi Talbert says:

    Way to go Darlene. CONGRATULATIONS! You are shedding you old skin and becoming who you will to be. Thanks so much for sharing. It is really wonderful to read and feel your growth. – Debi

    • Thanks Debi,
      I was reading your Press Release last night as well. CONGRATULATIONS to you as well.
      Shedding the old skin is speeding up. So COOL.

      I’m following your growth as well.
      Have a Wonderful Day.
      Agape’ Darlene

  5. marketmarkj says:

    Ab-sooo-lute-LY amazing

    keep rolling……you are dead-on this thing Darlene

    mark j

    • Thank you Mark.
      It has been an AMAZING, ENLIGHTENING JOURNEY. Much still to overcome but I Know Now, “I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE”.

      Glenn told me the other night that in the years we’ve been married, regardless of the challenges
      I saw I had a STRONG WILL. Now I know how to Direct it for TRUE HEATH & LIBERTY.

      Agape’ Darlene

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