Week 9 of Master Keys

Yes it’s Dec 31, 2010 and I’m still catching up.

If you read my post today on Persistence I think you’ll understand more why I’m behind & why this week’s info caught my attention.

Week 9 page 1 says: In this Part you may learn to fashion the tools by which you may build for yourself any condition you desire. If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself. Your whims, your wishes, your fancies, your ambitions may be thwarted at every step, but your inmost thoughts will find expression just as certainly as the plant springs from the seed.

On this MKMMA Team I can see many are working to Build a Business of different kinds to provide what they want out of life. I am doing the same. Enters the Challenge I’ve worked to overcome for 20 years. Physical, Emotional & Mental weaknesses.

I’ve been working on changing myself for several years. I didn’t start out in life with a healthy immune system. I’m going to be very honest here and say “I can’t agree with the part of the Law of Attraction that says we Attracted everything into our lives.” I was brought into this world by the decision of 2 teenagers who married to take care of a parent. Their choices those first years were not mine. Nor were they from Mature Adults. They were from kids trying the best they knew how to cope with life. From a sick angry grandmother.

Am I thankful for their choice? Yes, for without it I would not exist. Were all of their choices beneficial for my Wellness? No, however they couldn’t make choices on things they did not know.  I’m not writing this to Blame Them or hurt anyone. They couldn’t give what they didn’t have.

I do Believe that there Comes a Time when we Do Become Responsible for our Thoughts. With the right direction this can come at a very young age.For most it comes much later in life.

I have to say I was about 10 when I started realizing I COULD CHOOSE.  The Challenge then became how do I change the program of Illness I started out in life with?

I honestly didn’t know I could until about 20 years ago. My first Affirmation was “Every Day in Every Way I’m Getting Better & Better”. Then I read what Eleanor Roosevelt said:NO ONE CAN MAKE ME FEEL INFERIOR OR HURT ME WITHOUT MY CONSENT, IT’S NOT WHAT OTHERS SAY IT’S WHAT I SAY TO MYSELF WHEN THEY STOP TALKING.” I’ll share more on what I learned about this on another post.

I took from Scroll 2 and wrote it on the first part of Scroll 3 the thought:

I greet this day with Love in my heart for all. And most of all I will love myself. For when I do I will zealously inspect all things which inter my body, mind, my soul & my heart.

I will cherish my body with cleanliness & moderation. I will uplift my mind with accurate knowledge & wisdom. I will feed my mind with meditation & prayer.

In reading the Master Key week 9 the Affirmation in paragraph 12: “I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS & HAPPY” is very empowering. I read & re-read it. I have it on a Flash Card.

Par 17 -26 were of Great Interest to me.

17. He who has learned to bring the greatest spiritual
truths into touch with the so-called lesser things of life has
discovered the secret of the solution of his problem. One is
always quickened, made more thoughtful, by his nearness
of approach to great ideas, great events, great natural
objects, and great men. Lincoln is said to have begotten in
all who came near him the feeling awakened when one
approaches a mountain, and this sense asserts itself most
keenly when one comes to realize that he has laid hold
upon things that are eternal, the power of Truth.

18. It is sometimes an inspiration to hear from someone
who has actually put these principles to the test, someone
who has demonstrated them in their own life. A letter from
Frederick Andrews offers the following insight:
19. I was about thirteen years old when Dr. T. W. Marsee,
since passed over, said to my mother: “There is no possible
chance, Mrs. Andrews. I lost my little boy the same way,
after doing everything for him that it was possible to do. I
have made a special study of these cases, and I know there
is no possible chance for him to get well.”
20. She turned to him and said: “Doctor, what would you
do if he were your boy?” and he answered, “I would fight,
fight, as long as there is a breath of life to fight for.”
21. That was the beginning of a long drawn-out battle, with
many ups and downs, the doctors all agreeing that there
was no chance for a cure, though they encouraged and
cheered us the best they could.
22. But at last the victory came, and I have grown from a
little, crooked, twisted, cripple, going about on my hands
and knees, to a strong, straight, well formed man.
23. Now, I know you want the formula, and I will give it to
you as briefly and quickly as I can.
24. I built up an affirmation for myself, taking the qualities
I most needed, and affirming for myself over and over
again, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving,
harmonious and happy.” I kept up this affirmation, always
the same, never varying, till I could wake up in the night
and find myself repeating, “I am whole, perfect, strong,
powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” It was the last
thing on my lips at night and the first thing in the morning.

25. Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I
knew needed it. I want to emphasize this point. Whatever
you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it will help
you both. We reap what we sow. If we send out thoughts of
love and health, they return to us like bread cast upon the
waters; but if we send out thoughts of fear, worry,
jealousy, anger, hate, etc., we will reap the results in our
own lives.
26. It used to be said that man is completely built over
every seven years, but some scientists now declare that we
build ourselves over entirely every eleven months; so we
are really only eleven months old. If we build the defects
back into our bodies year after year, we have no one to
blame but ourselves.
27. Man is the sum total of his own thoughts; so the
question is, how are we going to entertain only the good
thoughts and reject the evil ones? At first we can’t keep the
evil thoughts from coming, but we can keep from
entertaining them. The only way to do this is to forget them
— which means, get something for them. This is where the
ready-made affirmation comes into play.

It doesn’t say how long it took Fredrick Anderson to become a strong, straight, well formed man but it does say it was a long struggle. I tried to find out more online but couldn’t.

I’ve been rebuilding cells in my body & mind for 20 years. Now I see I can rebuild in 11 months. I’ve also been using a Special Technique to Release, Delete & Purge the negatives from My Body, Mind & Spirit now for 4 years. You can see and example on my personal website http://www.staystronginc.com tab Re-Design to Win in 2010.

Tomorrow begins a New Year. No I’m not one for New Years Resolutions. However, “I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I SUCCEED.”

So here is My Intention: To put to use all I’ve learned and REBUILD MY BODY, MIND & SPIRIT over the next 12 months.

As I work to do this I will be Working as a TRUE HEALTH & WELLNESS COACH sharing what I know works. I’ll work in Balance with the Healing Process as I Build my Gano Team, Share Comf5 Tools and Market My Re-Design Program. This will give me the Liberty & Financial Freedom I Desire.

You’ll see this Theme in most of my posts. I look forward to your comments & feedback.

I take time each week to really study the assignments the same way I’ve studied the scriptures since I was 8 years old. Some of what I read fits with my scriptural beliefs some doesn’t. I will work in Harmony with this Team in Sharing What I Do Understand & Believe to be beneficial.

Thank you for Sharing this Amazing Journey with me.

Agape’ O. Darlene Wood  ….. A True Health & Wellness Coach enjoying Liberty & Financial Freedom.

About strongleadermk

I'm a Self Taught Wellness Solutions Coach. I'm happily married now 38 years to my Best Friend Glenn. Together we raised one son now married to his beautiful Best Friend and we're Nana & Papa to 2 beautiful granddaughters. We have extended family we love as well. As a Net-worker I believe in Sharing the Benefits of things I use each day to enhance our life. I'll only share these things.
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6 Responses to Week 9 of Master Keys

  1. Darlene,

    Well done, and inspiring to us all. It always seems when we let our everyday trials and tribulations as well as our perceived weaknesses get to us, we are presented square in the face with yet another example of a fellow human being who succeeds against all normal odds and sets new standards for the rest of us! Thank you.


  2. Darlene, that was just great. Thanks for your honesty! I can’t wait to see how you soar in the next 3 months 😀

  3. susan marinac says:

    Darlene, Thanks for sharing your inner most thoughts. I believe in you and you will win!

  4. Adam Morgan says:


    I love reading blog articles like yours when someone was born with difficulty that was not of their making. My favorite quote is:

    “God has a plan for your life. Your plan is hidden in your problem. Your problem is a hint of your prophecy and God will actually use your problem to propel you towards your promise.”

    It is evident that your God given weaknesses are turning into strengths.

    I also have had some significant experiences with “The greatest salesman in the world”. I will be publishing an article disclosing some of these shortly.

    Look forward to your future articles. You’re a winner.

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