It’s a very exciting day here in Klamath on such a beautiful summer day in July 2012. I’m waiting for the limo driver to bring our guest. We had them pick her up so we could have thing just right when she arrives.



Marcia Wielder  of Dream University         for Amazing Dreamers located in San Francisco, CA USA

She’s coming here to our home for a very special interview. Tomorrow we’ll take here to see Crater Lake as she’s never been there.

The limo is here honey, says Glenn. Let me get the door.

With her warm smile Marcia inters our home.                                        What a Beautiful area to Design your Life in Darlene. The smell of the honeysuckle vine is wonderful coming up to your front door.

Come on in Marcia and have a look at our view from the family room.  Sometimes it gives me the feel of looking at the ocean. It is so peaceful here.




Oh my says Marcia, look at your Clematis, I love it.

Thank you. I’ve always wanted one. This is the first home where they were already growing. We have 3 and the grow in stages so we have color from July through the beginning of November.

Let’s go our on the deck by the fountain & pond. We started it the first year we leased our home and finished it the next spring.

This was the beginning picture before we finished and added the rose garden behind. The shape was there but without light because of the trees not too many flowers would grow.




How about a cup of coffee Marcia?

Oh, yes, I’d love some of that wonderful Gano Mocha you sent me. By the way, I loved the gift basket with Fresh home made cookies, coffee & personal things for the hotel stay. Thank you so much.

Marcia, looking a little puzzled asks, “you mentioned you leased your home here Darlene, have you bought it now? No we haven’t Marcia, the owners haven’t decided if they want to retire here or somewhere else next year.

I don’t understand says Marcia, “You’ve become so Successful in your businesses why would you put so much work into something that you don’t own?

That’s a Great question Marcia and one many friends and neighbors have ask as they watched us make many improvements around our home. I guess first I have to say, Glenn & I have been know for improving all of our many homes over the years even though we didn’t own them. We fill people shouldn’t be able to tell if you own, rent or lease a house when you enter a home.

When you care for all things with Love & Respect it reflects who you are as a person not what you own. This home has been one of peace and healing for us. We love it.

Marcia says, I sure felt the peace when I entered it Darlene but what happens if the owners decide to move in? How will you feel?

Well Marcia, says Darlene, They rented us a house they thought would one day be their home. We made it a beautiful home and enjoyed it while it was ours. I’m very pleased to know they will enjoy it as much as we have. If by chance they do decide to find another location we’re now in a position to buy this one. If not we’re still in a position to buy what ever house we want and make it a home.

Marcia. That is an exceptional attitude Darlene. Tell me now how did Position Yourselves for the Success you enjoy now. I took some time on your website at as see you’ve really faces some difficult challenges on Your Journey to Wellness. I must say I really appreciated your Yucky Stuff page. You shared the challenges and how to overcome them without taking me to a woo is me or pity party. How did you do all of this?

Glenn speaks up here. It wasn’t easy but in all of our married life Darlene has had the Strongest Will of anyone I’ve know. When most people would give up and accept disability as a way of life she just kept working to find a better way.

Marcia, I have to say I couldn’t have made it without my best friend and life partner. Would you believe around 70% of all husbands who’s wives have MS leave because they aren’t willing to work through the challenges. When we married in 1972 we married for life without end. We knew we would have much to learn. Now in retirement we have more to share with each other and our families then either of us imagined.

In 2009 we started really talking about retirement. The years had gone so fast as we followed the timber industry it kinda cheeped up on us. I had been introduced to the Stress Release Program you read about on my site back in 2006 and was working with it and a network marketing company with great products when we were introduced to Gano Excel . Glenn said healthier coffee, I can talk about that. Let’s use this for our retirement. We started building a Team I call My Gano Team. We had some Great people with Great Dreams. This is Ilene, Bobbi & Favian when we meet for an event in Portland Or.

So Why Gano? Besides the coffee we found all of the training was online. We didn’t have to go set up meetings. This was very important as I still couldn’t always keep my promises to be physically up for the next meeting.

I had started in network marketing back in 1990 and worked with several companies with some success. It always helped us physically and saved on taxes but we never seemed to get the duplication others had. Of course I was still working on my Wellness. Physically I qualified for SSI but it was according to Glenn’s income at the time. To keep getting it I had to live in the negative of what I couldn’t do just to get a couple hundred dollars and medical help I didn’t want. It took away from My Healing Process.

Along the way I was introduced to Attraction Marketing. So in 2009 I started Creating My Attraction Program. I ended up getting “The Science of Getting Rich” and I learned a lot. However it was all up to me. I was looking for a Coach online who could help me Through the Healing Process as I Built Our Business. Glenn was still working in the woods. I meet many trainers who said they could coach me with my business but they never heard where I was physically. I simply couldn’t keep up with their pace. At times it was very discouraging. I wanted to be a Dependable Team Leader.

Boy Darlene says Marcia, I can see how frustrating that must have been for you. You must have had a Very Strong Desire to Keep Going. I see your Determination for Success. What was the Major Tipping point that Really Moved you and Glenn Forward to the Liberty you now have?

Well Marcia, earlier in 2010 I took a class on Social Media and started meeting new people from all over on Face Book. One day I ran it Mark J and no, it wasn’t a coincident. I believe “When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears.”

I had met Mark and Davene several years before in another company. Somewhere in Portland Maine.


I’ll be back with the Rest of the story.



9 Responses to PRESS RELEASE

  1. marketmarkj says:

    Looking forward to reading !

    mark j

  2. You are a good storyteller, Darlene. I see some typos and I’d be glad to edit it for you, but I don’t know how without totally rewriting it. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.
    agape’, Bobbi

  3. Ilene Lockhart says:

    Great story Darlene…I am so happy to be on your team!

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  5. Great Darlene. Hey you left me hanging!

    • Sorry about that Vikki. I’ll have it all on there before the end of the year.

      Though very rewarding this course has been very challenging as I move
      forward on my Wellness Journey. Take a look at my blog today regarding
      Marks post, I know you’ll understand.

      Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

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